I am Eunki, an interaction designer + researcher who designs improved future states and realizes them in the world through my design work. In Autumn 2016, I joined SCAD as a faculty of interaction and industrial design. I conducted graduate and post-graduate studies at School of Design & Human Computer Interaction Institute in Carnegie Mellon University.

I have developed an interest in how a systems perspective can advance design practice and research to drive key changes in our society through my practice across marketing and sales (Apple), UX and Service Design (Samsung, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), UX Design at a startup (ridibooks: most used e-book service in Korea), and Design/HCI research at Carnegie Mellon and SCAD. 

Taking a systems perspective in design is particularly interesting, because it explores multiple stakeholder perspectives in the development of new offerings and systems, rather than focusing on a single interaction between a human and a system or an artifact, which has been a concern for conventional User Centered Design (UCD). Some of my recent thoughts are presented below. 

people, roles, values and processes - new materials in emerging design practice  @ Capital One Labs, NYC

from persona to blueprint: systems perspectives for UX design @ Cooper, SF

I enjoy singing, cooking, watching stand-up comedies, and trying new things out with the laser cutter and littleBits. I occasionally read tarot cards for others (people say they were pretty accurate!). I used to serve as a medic in the U.S. Army residing in Korea. 

You can reach out to me via eunkichung@gmail.com